How it works

The user begins his exercise using a sports app that partners with Happyfiit. The exercise can be anything that the app supports from cycling and running to yoga or push ups. It can even be the calories of his last meal or the days that passed without smoking. Any activity under the category of health and fitness.
By pressing the “finish” button in the app, the data gets uploaded in Happyfiit platform. We only request the exercise data and the mail of the user. No personal data get uploaded in our platform.
We will process the data, correlate it with past exercises of the same user and our algorithm will determine if the current exercise constitutes an achievement. If it is, we will download at real time a coupon and display it as a pop-up window at the users mobile.
As soon as the user accepts our reward, the coupon is sent to his mail. The coupon is usually a unique discount code that he can use for a specific period of time. We are working with the best sports brands and we are trying to bring the best offers in order to rewards real achievers.

What we offer

Brands and retailers

Pin point your customer

A brand or retailer can provide targeted offers to their audience directly, through our platform. Choose which sports apply for your shop or brand, and work with us to reward your customers.

Create targeted marketing campaigns

Take advantage of events like marathons and sailing races in order to promote your goods. Create limited special offers for the audience that your brand is after.

Increase your sales

With happyfiit you will be able to access health & fitness mobile application users and promote your offers. This way you can increase the traffic in your e-shop and get higher exposure.

Mobile application developers

Increase your user base

Applications that partner with us, increase the loyalty of their user base.

Increase your revenue

For every coupon and offer that gets redeemed by the user, we provide 5% commission, regardless its value!

Provide free rewards

Your users will now receive rewards for the achievements they have done using your application. Reward them for their longest run, their commitment to a schedule, losing a certain amount of calories and many more.

Let’s make something great together

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