Frequently Asked Questions

We will try to answer some questions in this section, however please feel free to contact us in case you require further info.

For the Brand or Retailer

HappyFiit is a rewarding platform. The rewards are coming from brands or retailers towards the mobile app users. When the user redeems the rewards using the provided coupon we keep 10% as commission. Half of this 10%, goes to the mobile app that we partner with.

We have created an algorithm that can detect the moment when someone has really achieved something new during his workout. At this unique moment we engage with the user by providing  a a reward from your brand or shop. Statistics have shown that rewards generate more user excitement than normal ads and thus result in better conversion rates. By collaborating with us, you can increase your sales, advertise your brand and gain market share from users that are really interested in what you are selling.

We are flexible on that area and it would be best to work on this together. Our preference is a unique code for your e-shop.

This is something that we configure with you, but our default timer is set at 2 weeks.

For the mobile app developer

You can download our SDK from our site:

Of course we are happy to help with any query you might have.

We provide 5% commission for every redeemed coupon, regardless of its value. So this is an extra stream of revenue for you! Furthermore, we believe that with HappyFiit you create loyalty with your users.

Currently we only support Android but we have in our immediate plans to support other platforms as well.

For the mobile app user

HappyFiit is a platform that connects brands and retailers with health and fitness mobile applications by rewarding personal achievements with unique gifts and coupons.

Our algorithm feeds on the data of your training and can detect when you have made a personal achievement. It then links this achievement to a special reward in the form of a gift or coupon.

The detection of an achievement is always taking place at the end of your exercise. If an achievement is detected e.g. increased pace or longest training, a congratulations window will pop-up summarizing the reward and providing you with further instructions. Basically, we only need your email in order to send you the coupon of your reward!

No! This is absolutely free of charge for the user. All you need to do is provide your email through the pop-up that will appear at your sport app if you hit a personal best, receive your coupon and continue exercising!

Our algorithm will soon also learn what types of rewards you like. Since this is the beginning of this journey, in the unlikely case that you don’t like it, you don’t have to do anything. Every reward has an associated time for redemption and when this is due it is automatically cancelled.

Of course! But you will have to accomplish a new achievement!

Currently we are collaborating with sports retailers to bring you unique offers and discounts. In the near future our rewards will include small gifts, free subscriptions for gym, healthy food orders and many more.

Currently we are collaborating with Runtrack. ( You can register to receive our newsletter and learn all our new partners, soon to come.

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We will be happy to answer any question you might have.